My Favourite Lush Products

Saturday, 20 August 2016

I have the biggest addition to Lush, I have always loved Lush, but ever since Christmas I can't stop buying all the different Lush products.
With their heavenly scented bubbly and creamy goodies!
I have accumulated a 'Lush Jar', where I keep all my bath bombs and bubble bars, I do prefer a pink and white theme in the jar, I will admit.

I thought a Lush favourites post would be good for anyone wanting to get something from Lush and not knowing where to start, or someone wanting to try something new!

My first favourite is 'Rub Rub Rub', a scrub that leaves your skin feeling luxurious. This scrub feels lightweight, but I can honestly say, it really scrubs your skin without it feeling too abrasive. The scent smells like Spring, flowers and jasmine.

D'Fluff has changed shaving completely for me, I always used to struggled with shaving rashes and not getting a smooth finish after shaving. This beautiful pink cream makes shaving certainly smell a lot better with the strawberry scent, and leaves my legs smooth like a baby!

I really feel like this product was made for me... 'Pink Peppermint' *inserts heart eyed emoji*...Oh my goodness, baby pink peppermint goodness for your feet!
This product has transformed my feet, they're silking soft and glowing.

I have tried quite a few of Lush's toners, but Tea Tree is perfect for my skin especially, prone to break outs and acne, this toner helps kill the bacteria on your skin and helps your skin to it's full clearness.

Bath bomb Twilight is gorgeous, perfect for Winter evenings. The soothing scent of lavender, swirled with a Winter nights sky coloured bath water, helps you ready for a good nights sleep, whilst leaving your skin feeling moisturised.

A classic, 'The Comforter'. The pink and white swirled bubble bar is not only perfect for my 'Lush Jar', but it's such a big slab it lasts for weeks, the blackcurrant scented goodie creates the loveliest pink and white bubble and softens the skin.

Tisty Tosty, this product isn't one that makes your bath crazy, but your water is like soft white clouds, with rose buds swirling into them. All the Lush rose products are a favourite scent as I love roses. This product is must-try!

Let me know what your favourite Lush products are in the comments :)