REVIEW: Clinique 3 Steps To Great Skin

Sunday, 17 January 2016

My skin has always been an issue for me, suffering with acne, my skin type changing and trying to find good products that work has been very difficult, a lot of trial and error.
My doctor recommended either Simple or Clinique, I frequently use Simple and some of their products are great, but I just fancied trying something a bit more luxurious. So I thought trying the mini set of this would be great.

I got set 3, for oily to combination skin. 
The green tube is a refreshing facial wash, which leaves a tingle afterwards and helps your skin feel fresh and revived, the pink bottle is a clarifying lotion, similar to a toner, helps with the facial wash to cleanse the face, the yellow tube is a gel moisturiser, it is the best moisturiser for break out/acne prone skin, it hydrates the skin, leaving no greasiness, giving you soft, smooth skin. 

They have 4 different sets, from very dry skin, to combination skin, to very oily skin. There is a set for everyone! 

I highly recommend this to anyone. I have been using this kit twice a day for nearly two weeks and my skin certainly looks clearer.

Have you tried this set before? What do you think of Clinique products?

Sale Haul!

Sunday, 3 January 2016

It's that time of year again where it's sales galore and I'm not one to miss a bargain, so I took a shopping trip with my Mum and I was pleasantly surprised with what I found, as we went the day after Boxing Day!

We went to Primark and they actually had some nice bits in the sale, I picked up a white sort of, mid turtle neck top, it was originally £8 and I got it for £3.
Also I found the black thick, roll necked jumper in the sale, it's so warm and cosy, it's was £12 down to £5.

The white, beige sparkly jumper was in the Dorothy Perkins sale, it instantly stood out to me because it's so pretty, originally £38 down to £15!

The 'Good Vibes' t-shirt from River Island was £18 down to £10.

This was my biggest splurge, these gorgeous UGG: Jackee Bow Boots with Swarovski crystals in the bow. These were originally £180 down to £119, so these were a big end of year treat!

Over the past year I've become pretty obsessed with perfumes and found the ones I do like and use more than others, Calvin Klein's IN2U for women has become and firm favourite of mine and this 150ml bottle was on offer for £25, when it's usually £50 at Boots!
I've been using Lacoste for a few years now and I usually get these gift packs in the after Christmas sales and this year was no different, it was on sale for £18 and luckily enough I had £19 worth of Boots points, so I bought this set with them.

Did you get any sale bargains?