Spring Beauty and Fashion Haul!

Saturday, 25 April 2015

*hides face* Hello, I have been absent for a while...again! I found thing after thing has been happening in my life and I've been struggling to find the time to write, which upsets me a but, because it is my hobby and I enjoy this so much.

Spring is upon us and I used that as an excuse to go shopping, I didn't splurge and get these things all at once, it was over a few shopping trips.

Starting off with perfumes: I like a perfume that is strong and will last a long time, doesn't most people? The only difference is that everyone has different preferences to scents. 
By the time I'd picked these two I smelt like about 20 other perfumes.
I decided on Calvin Klein's 'IN2U' women's fragrance, it's got a manly/musky scent, but it smells beautiful and lasts a good amount of time. 
This was on offer at Boots for £14.99

The second perfume I picked was an old favourite of mine, Next's 'Just Pink'.
This is such a lovely perfume I bought the big bottle. It's the perfect Spring scent, fresh, lasts a long time and I personally think every girlie girl needs this.
Price: £14

Primark: I don't think any girl can walk into Primark without buying a little something,
I bought two crop tops, one in black, because basics are necessary, and bright yellow one for Summer - £3 each.

I think trying to find the perfect bikini is one of the biggest struggles, they're all different and it can get confusing on what is best for your body type sometimes, but finally, I found this black bikini which is perfect for me. Top £6 - Bottoms £4...This is quite a bargain in my eyes and a coral cover up to match at the price of £4.

Black leather flip flops with a rose gold bow on the straps, adorable! Flip flops are a Summer essential for me and I love these! £2.50

Last but not least from Primark, some hair bands for £1.

I saw this top in the window of River Island and I knew I had to have it. It's not a crop top, but it's not a t-shirt, it's in between, but it's pink and I love it! I can't remember specifically how much this top was, but I know it was either £12 or £14.

Now, I haven't completely finished with Primark...I got some cute white shorts for £5.
Now onto the shorts from H&M, black leather shorts, I wanted to try something different, and just bought them, which I am so happy with, they're such a staple piece in my wardrobe, they were £14.99.

Now onto beauty products, I do love me a winged eyeliner look, so I'm always looking for new eyeliners. I heard such a lot about Soap and Glory's Supercat eyeliner pen and decided to try it, as it was only £6.

I heard so many good things about La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo + and when I have them bad points with my skin I always try and find products to help, so I caved and bought this, so far so good. £11.62

Mac Studio Fix Fluid is my must have foundation, it is a staple in my make up kit and is my all time favourite foundation. I have nothing but good things to say about this foundation. 

I hope this haul had given you some inspiration.

What are your Spring must-haves?

Kellie xo