Primark and River Island Haul!

Saturday, 28 June 2014
Recently Primark opened in Canterbury which was something a lot of people was waiting for, I decided I had to go asap to have a look. I knew I'd probably pick up a couple of things but there was a lot of lovely bits and I thought I'd show you. I also picked my one thing from River Island... I hope you enjoy this haul!

| If you don't know already I'm a huge sucker for Disney and when I saw these pj's I thought I must have them. They're very comfortable and they are £8.

| I thought this top would be perfect for the Summer and it has 'Laguna Beach' on the front and I've always wanted to go there, so that sucked me in to buying it. £4

| I don't really have a reason behind buying this hat, haha. I just though it looked cool and now I've worn it a couple of times I've fallen in love with this style. £3.50

| Oh my days, these shorts completely caught my eye when I saw them. I thought the tribal print was in trend and the material is perfect for summer to keep cool. £4

| I bought some hairbands because quite frankly I din't think you can ever have to many. £1

| I always buy these cotton pads when I go to Primark because you get 160 in a pack, they're so soft on my skin and last a good amount of time. £1

| I love sporty type tops whether is baseball, football etc and I saw this top and thought it would be good to style up and down. £5

| I purchased this bandana headband from River Island, I'd been hunting everywhere for a girls bandana and found it a very hard hunt. This was the last one in the store and I was like "Right that is MINE" haha.

What clothing pieces do you recommend for this Summer?

Peace Out.

Cyber Smile Foundation

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Hey everyone.

This post is going to be completely different from any other I've wrote before, it's about an amazing online foundation called 'Cyber Smile Foundation'. 

The Cyber Smile Foundation is an online support network to help anyone getting bullied online. Whoever I've spoken to has been so kind and lovely, so don't feel scared to ask hem anything.

I myself have suffered online bullying and I know first handedly how horrible it feels and what it's like to be hurt from it. When I heard about this foundation I really fell in love with what they do to help others and it made me wish I made something like this when I was being cyber bullied. Cyber bulling is unacceptable and I don't understand why people do it, nobody deserves it and it's become an easy way to bully, it's not right. 

Cyber Smile Foundation is all about #POSITIVITY and I am all about positive thinking, positive vibes and I think the world would be a much happier place if people had more positivity.

This foundation deserves more awareness and that's what I want to spread! 

Cyber Smile Foundation- Twitter: CybersmileHQ


Please check them out and share with your friends, send them a smile as well. :) 

Top 3 High End Bronzers

Saturday, 21 June 2014

When you buy a high end product you want to make the right choice as it can be a lot of money spent, especially if you turn out not to like the product.

| Benefit: Hoola Bronzer - This is a favorite of mine because this is a matte bronzer and I find it doesn't leave my face looking muddy or cakey. When I first saw this bronzer I was a bit taken back at how dark and matt it was, but the minute I tried contouring with it I fell in love.

| YSL: Terre Saharienne Collector - This bronzer is not matte, it has a slight shimmer to it but nevertheless it's a fantastic bronzer especially if you like a but of shimmer. I do sometimes as I find I don't need to use highlighter when I use this product. Packaging is really compact and easy to travel with.

| Estee Lauder: Bronze Goddess - What I find great about this bronzer is that the colour matches whatever tan colour I turn. It's my go to bronzer if I have trouble matching my make up with my fake tan.

What bronzer do you recommend?

Peace Out.

REVIEW: Rimmel- Kate Moss Matte Lipsticks

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Hey everyone.

I know Kate Moss lipsticks are very well loved drugstore products among the beauty community, so I thought I'd do a review of them as I'm a lover too and they're in the matte collection.

I have three and the colours are: 107, which is a deep berry red and became extra popular when people saw Zoella wearing it.
110, a bright red/coral lipstick perfect for the Summer.
113, one of the most perfect nude lipsticks I've come across and as you can tell by the amount that has disappeared is a favorite of mine.

Pros: | These lipsticks have great pigmentation.
| They come in a huge range of colours.
| Kate Moss has another collection with Rimmel is you don't like the matte effect. I personally don't find these drying on my lips.
| They are a VERY long lasting and even when I have something to drink or eat I find I still have my lippy on.

Cons: | If you have considerably dry lips this would probably leave your lips dry and patches of colour, but as I previously mentioned Kate Moss' other collection isn't matte lipsticks, but regular.

Have you tried any Rimmel lipsticks?
Comment below and give me your recommendations!

Peace Out.

OOTD: Concert Style

Friday, 13 June 2014

Hey everyone. 

I went to Wembley this past weekend to see One Direction and 5SOS, this is what I wore...
Crop top: Topshop - £8
Skater skirt with braces: H&M - £9.99
Knee high socks: F&F - £5
Shoes: Converse
Watch: Michael Kors
Sunglasses: New Look - £2.99

I found this was great for the concert and I was standing for a long time!
It's a simple, but cute outfit.

What concert's have you been to?

Peace Out.

Body Butter VS Body Lotion

Thursday, 5 June 2014

Hey everyone.

When it comes to moisturising it's a 'must do' part of my day (confession: I miss it some days, oops ;) But doesn't everyone)
I thought I would do this in a bit of a different way, instead of me just reviewing these separately a little bit of a battle between 'Butter' or 'Lotion'.

Body Butter: Body butter is a very thick consistency, super rich, creamy and can be incredibly moisturising. If you suffer from dry/very dry skin this is the perfect choice of you to make for your skin.

My body butter recommendation would be the 'Soap and Glory: The Righteous Butter', I have found this a great choice of body butter leaving my skin looking and feeling amazing! RRP £10.50.

Body Lotion: Body lotion is a less intense moisturiser and is great for all types of skin, dry greasy or normal. Moisturising everyday is a great habit to get in to (even though I know it's not the best beauty job), it's great for your skin in the long run. If you fake tan like myself this will be your best friend.

My body lotion recommendation is 'Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Nordic Berry Lotion', the scent of this is scrumptious and the formula is great. 
RRP £3.99

What do you prefer Butter or Lotion?

Peace Out.

Healthy Snack Ideas

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Hey everyone.

Lately I've been trying to live a more healthier lifestyle, since over these past couple of years I've been learning about healthy eating and working out I've also lost two dress sizes. I've seen lots of people interested in these sort of posts, so I thought I'd share just a FEW of my snacks which is an alternative to unhealthy foods.

Just a quick disclaimer I am in no way a nutritional  or health expert, these are just a VERY few alternative foods that have helped me along the way. It has taken me two years to figure out what is best for me and I have done a lot of research for myself. (All MY personal views)

Cereal Bars: There is a lot of people who don't think these are a healthy snack and say there is still a lot of sugar etc. My way of thinking is all of the cereal bars below are under 100 calories and as a snack it's a great alternative to snacking on cake or biscuits, which have much more sugar and calories and you still have a small sugar fix.

Alternative to regular crips: It has been a while since I've eaten a normal packet of crisps due to these yummy snacks below. I was always addicted to crisps, when I got the taste I could get them by the bag, but when I found these rice cakes, Ryvita Mini's and Walkers  Sunbites I was totally hooked. I now eat only one bag per day, two at the very most but this is VERY rare, now for me one is enough. The benefits of these are, they are so tasty and the calorie and fat content in very low. 

Fruit: This is one of the best snacks you can eat! Most fruits are naturally low in fat, sodium and calories, none have cholesterol. Fruits are sources of many essential nutrients that are underconsumed.

I hope you liked this style of post. 

If you'd like me to do more health and work out YouTube videos or posts let me know in the comments below!

Peace Out.