My Skincare Routine.

Tuesday, 25 February 2014
Hey everyone.

I thought I'd do a skincare routine post so I could show you some of my favourite products for my type of skin, which is combination. I've taken a long time to find a suitable routine, having combination skin is quite a struggle; it either goes too dry or too oily. Here's what I feel has been working for me so far:

In the morning I like to use these make up wipes to freshen up my skin.

In the evening I like to take off my make up, starting with Simple's cleanser:

Next I use Simples toner:

To take my eye make up off I LOVE to use Vaseline:

I wash anything that remains on my face off with Simple's facial wash gel:

To moisturise I like to use something light and not too heavy, what I like is Simple's hydrating light moisturiser:

Also once a week I like to nourish my skin with a face mask:

I hope you enjoyed this post and it might of helped one of you.

What is your must-have skin product?!

Peace Out.

My Perfume Collection

Saturday, 22 February 2014

Hey everyone.

I never really see many blog posts on perfume collections, if I find one I get very excited. So I thought I'd do one of my own.

Chanel No5 is my all time favourite perfume, as you can tell it's certainly well loved by the small amount left in this bottle. Luckily I got a new bottle as a Christmas present.
The best selling perfume ever.

Being a 1D fan of course someone got me their perfume, I don't usually expect a lot from celebs perfumes as I seem to think they all smell the same. This perfume really did shock me though, it smelt different! It's got a fresh scent; but it's not fruity. Pleasantly surprised!

I always like to have some sort of Charlie perfume in the collection, it's the sort I put on if I'm in a rush or not doing anything special that day. At the moment I have Charlie Pink, fresh, sweet and girlie.

As you can see this is a well loved perfume with very little left. Lacoste Pink has a gorgeous scent that stays for a long time, I got it in a set with body wash and body lotion, highly recommend all these products together.

Paradisiac is not the most popular perfume, but I thought I'd give it a go as I needed a new one at the time. I think this perfume is one that'll suit everyone, I always get compliments when I wear this and love it.

DKNY's Apple. This packaging is so cute and the fragrance is lovely, a bit pricey; but worth it.

Okay, Lynx for girls is technically a deodorant; but I like to use it as both a deodorant and a fragrance. A multi-use product that's very in-expensive.

Victoria Secret's scents have become very popular this past year and owning 'Such a Flirt' I can see why. It's a very easy 'throw in the bag' sort of product.

I hope you all enjoyed this different type of post.

What's your favourite perfume?!

Peace Out.

Review: No7 Hot Cloth Cleanser and Muslin Cloth

Wednesday, 19 February 2014
Hey everyone.

After Christmas there's always them sales, when I when to Boots they had a No7 skincare pack half price and I nabbed it straight away. Two items that came in the pack was a Hot Cloth Cleanser and Muslin Cloth.

I had heard a lot of good things about these products on blogs and YouTube, so I was super excited to try them.

How to use the cleanser: Pump out about a 2p size of the cleanser onto your fingertips and rub onto your face in circular motions. Rinse the muslin cloth under comfortable warm water and place it over your face for a few seconds, then rub the cleanser away. Afterwards splash your face with cold water to close the pores.

I am so happy I got this in the set because I have fallen in love with this product. It makes my face feel like a baby's bum and gives my skin a thorough cleanse.

This muslin cloth is beautiful quality and is so soft on the skin, not abrasive at all.

Have you tried a hot cloth cleanser? If so which one??

Peace Out.

Fashion Favourite: Headbands

Saturday, 15 February 2014
Hey everyone.

I've been trying to get a bit more fashion themed posts on by blog lately, especially because I'm a huge fashion lover and I want to incorporate it into my blog.

One of my statement pieces have always been headbands and yes, this was inspired by my love of Gossip Girl's Blair Waldorf's style.

I love headbands because if I don't want to do much with my hair and I have a messy bun, plait I put on a headband and it looks like I've made a bit more effort (when I reallyyyyy haven't).

This is my collection! Primark and New Look are my two favourite places to get them; they're cheap and good quality. 

What's your favourite fashion staple this season?!

Peace Out.

Review: F&F Lipstick - Penny Lane

Tuesday, 11 February 2014
Hey everyone.

At Tesco F&F were having a make up sale and I picked up a couple of bits; one of which was one of their lipsticks in the shade 'Penny Lane'.

The fact it was only 50p I really wasn't expecting anything great, but the colour was pretty and lovely for Spring coming soon. 

I really was shocked at the quality of this product though; I think it's absolutely beautiful. It's wonderfully pigmented.

This lovely lipstick applies so smoothly and leaves a lovely shine on the lips; this a creamy texture and has a beautiful colour.

The packaging is just right for the product; simple, neat, easy and classy!

What lipsticks do you recommend?

Peace Out.

Review: Sanctuary Spa Body Butter

Saturday, 8 February 2014
Hey everyone.

In September I was having trouble finding the right body lotion for my skin, I kept buying and trying so many different ones which I wasn't happy with. Then I decided to try Sanctuary body butter and I haven't wanted to try anything different so far.

For starters this smells divine. It's not too thick; so it feels like you're putting cement on your skin and it's not too greasy; so it's not too runny on your skin. I doesn't take ages to dry as well which is a huge bonus.

You can purchase Sanctuary products at Boots, I am now a huge lover of this brand and I love lots of their products.

Have you tried any Sanctuary products?? If so what do you recommend? 

Peace Out.

Review: F&F Galaxy Glow

Saturday, 1 February 2014
Hey everyone.

I recently went to Tesco's and they had a make up sale, I picked up a couple of bits one of which was F&F's Galaxy Glow. What a bargain for £1!

F&F is a clothes and make up company sold at Tesco's.

I'm very fussy with highlighters, I always go for a natural highlight as I've not been that daring with it. This product has given me so much more confidence when using a highlighter though.

For me it really gives the perfect signature Kardashian glow.

The packaging is a simple glass pot, but it's so easy to get just the right amount of product.
This cream highlighter is so smooth and creamy, it's just the right consistency.

I have really fallen in love with this product.

What highlighters do you recommend?

Peace Out.