What I Got For Christmas 2014

Sunday, 28 December 2014

It's that time of year again, everyone likes to share what they've been given for Christmas and look for things they'd like to get themselves, so I guess all the 'What I Got For Christmas' posts and videos are just inspiration.

Let's start off with make up...
My lovely friend went on a big mission, MAC's 'Velvet Teddy' lipstick, the infamous lipstick Kylie Jenner uses. She is magical enough to get hold of it and give it to me as a gift!
My lovely boyfriend spoilt me and got me Benefit's 'They're Real' mascara and Smashbox's Photo Finish Primer, two of my favourite make up products.
I also received Rimmel's Scandeleyes liner in 005 Nude, which I'm excited to try.

Being obsessed with Frozen a jokey present I got was a Frozen hand wash, I'm secretly in love with this present, shhhh.
My nan swears by Ted Baker Body Souffle, she says it's one of the best she's tried, which makes me incredibly excited to try it.
Avon's Bubble Bath in Winter Rose smells b-e-a-u-tiful, roses are my favourite flowers, so this bubble bath is a dream.
Another Avon product I got given was a Far Away shimmering talc, I'm looking forward to seeing what the outcome looks like.

Knitted tights are a fashion love of mine, warm, cosy and fashionable; so I always need lots of pairs of these.
Cosy socks are my love, these ones are especially cute, I'm loving the patterns and colours.
This cutie is a 'Hottie' from Dorothy Perkins, his tummy comes out, you can microwave it and put it back and it keeps you lovely and warm.

Ahhhh, Michael Kors certainly knows how to make wonderful products, but the bracelet is wonderfully beautiful to match the watch I got last year.

I have become a bit of a perfume addict lately, so I was super excited to get this amount of them and all of them being favourites of mine; Lacoste Pink, Chanel No 5, Charlie Pink and Paradisiac Florale.

I was a very lucky girl again this year, so thank you to everyone who got me a gift :)

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, have a fabulous and safe new year x

I'm Dreaming Of A Pink Christmas - Christmas Decor Inspiration

Thursday, 4 December 2014

I have been MIA lately, I do apologise, life has been very busy lately and I didn't want to just throw on lots of non 100% posts onto my blog. 

As we're already in December, what?! It's gone so quickly! I thought I'd put up a short Christmas themed post, 'I'm Dreaming Of A Pink Christmas'...So yes this is more for those girlie girls out there like myself, it's more of a decor inspiration post. (Photos are not my best quality ones, but they will be back too normal now)

Most of these decorations were purchased in Poundland, they're brilliant for good quality decorations and a good price.
My lights were both from Tesco, as I love their Christmas lights.

I hope you all like my girlie twist to this decor.

What's your Christmas theme this year?

Complete Christmas Gift Guide 2014

Sunday, 16 November 2014
Christmas is approaching and it seems everyone is Christmas shopping early this year.
I've spoken to many people who have already finished their Christmas shopping (whereas I'm know where near). 

I'll be doing female gifts, male gifts, children's gifts and pet gifts! So hopefully this helps and covers a wide range.

Female gifts: Anything with Michael Kors on is a complete win, but their beautiful watches are just a classic piece of jewellery that never goes out of fashion.

The Benefit Christmas gift sets are perfect for any make up lover, with a wide range of sets and prices of them, decorated prettily for Christmas.

Onesies have been a crazy trend the past few years, there are so many different ones you can find, a few of my favourite places to them from are; F&F at Tesco, Primark, M&S and Topshop.

It's the best selling perfume in the world, Chanel no5. Every girls dream perfume! I'll be biased as it is my all time favourite perfume, but it really is a scent that suits all women and it's one I feel every woman should have at least once in her lifetime. 

Male gifts: A lot of men/boys are obsessed with shoes, they all want the newest Nike shoes just released and what better time to treat them to a pair? Sports Direct always do great deals on Nike shoes.

Who doesn't ever need more socks? You can get any type suited to the person and a wide range of prices. Perfect stocking filler!

I thought this was such a cute idea for a chocolate lover, making a chocolate bar bouquet type present. Lots of companies actually create these specially for the customer too.

Soap and Glory has got a great selection of men's gift sets this Christmas. Another company who has done a good wide variety of size and prices.

Frozen once again is THE trend for kids this Christmas. Every bit of stock, in every shop is being quickly bought. So many shops have got any sort of Frozen merchandise from pencils, to clothes, to toys. So many little girls will be wanting Frozen gifts (secretly I wouldn't mind them either ;) ).

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles has been a hit movie, I really enjoyed it. I can only assume lots of little boys would be thrilled with a Mutant Ninja Turtle of some sort on Christmas morning.

A Nintendo 3DS would be a very big present, but there are a big variety of games for all ages, boys and girls. It's one of those presents the kids will certainly love.

Another chocolate present is on the list: Hotel Chocolat do the best seasonal style chocolates and kids will love them.

Pets: It's very mixed opinions when people discuss buying pets gifts for Christmas, me personally? I think pets are apart of the family and should have a least a little treat or something. I always get my dog Bonnie lots of Christmas presents because I love spoiling her.
Pets at Home are brilliant for Christmas gifts for pets; click here to go to their website!

I hope this gave to a bit of Christmas shopping inspiration.

What do you want for Christmas this year?

Review: Lush's Sex Bomb

Sunday, 9 November 2014

It's that time of year where Lush begins to get extra popular again, with the colder nights and days, a bath is always in order. Just a plain old bubble bath can get boring though; but a little treat from Lush can make a bath so much more fun.

This has become my favourite Lush bath bomb so far, with 'Dragon's Egg' close behind it.
It has a beautiful fresh girlie scent, which fills the bathroom with a gorgeous scent!
Once it hits the water, it starts to fizz and turn the bath water pink, a pretty little rose is left once the bath bomb has gone.

Lush's bath products always soften the water, which moisturises your skin and leaves it feeling soft and smooth.

What Lush products to I need to try next?

Review: Soap and Glory - The Scrub Of Your Life

Sunday, 2 November 2014

November is upon us and it's that time of year where our skin gets drier, due to the temperatures dropping. Exfoliating is a big part of my skin routine to help this problem! 

I have tried so many scrubs and exfoliating products to give a good enough review of this product to say; it is one of the best ones to actually do the job.

Soap and Glory: The Scrub Of Your Life: This isn't a crazily abrasive scrub, but it does what an abrasive scrub would do. It's got a nice level of moisturiser in it, it has little pink beads to scrub, it smells beautiful and girlie.

What products do you use to exfoliate and soften your skin?

Birthday Beauty Haul

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Just recently it was my 19th birthday, I had a wonderful birthday week and celebrations. I was lucky enough to still get spoilt rotten, so I thought I'd show you all the beauty bits I got given.

| MAC Pro Palette - This is something I've always lusted over and I finally got it! I wanted one where I could choose what eyeshadows I had in them. So I chose, Vanilla, Omega, All That Glitters and Satin Taupe.

| Real Techniques - Powder brush, shading brush and complexion sponge. I'm a huge Real Techniques fan and I've been trying to build my collection up.

| Rimmel Stay Matte Powder (Translucent) and Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer - Two products I always like extras of, the everyday essentials.

| Soap and Glory Christmas Set - My friend Poppy got me this lovely gift set, I love lots of lovely bath bits and this made me so excited for Christmas.

| Smashbox Primer Kit - I've wanted the try Smashbox primers for such a long time and this kit is perfect! 

| One of my best friends Beth came back from Brighton with such amazing birthday presents, and a lot of thought behind them. A One Direction gift bag because #fangirl, lovely bath treats including Zoella Beauty Bubble Bath, Lush's Candy Mountain (favourite Lush Christmas scent) and a Tanya Burr lipgloss...This was a very YouTube themed birthday present because I have a YouTube channel myself, click here to check it out! #ShamelessPlugging

Thank you to everyone who was lovely enough to get me presents :)

What would you like from my presents?

The Perfect Product To Create Winged Eyeliner Look

Saturday, 4 October 2014

The 'Cat Flick Eyeliner Look' has been one of the most popular make up looks this year. 
Finding the best eyeliner to create your desired cat flick look can be hard, but I have found these two product to help you.

Both by Loreal, these 'Super Liners' are a perfect combo you create your look.

Black Lacquer - The foam applicator on this liner helps create the base of the line and the wing. This product helps create a thin line for the flick.

Ultra Precision - This liner will fill in your wing to create the bold and thickness to it, as it has a thicker applicator.

What eyeliner would you recommend for me to try?

Sanctuary Body Wash Review

Saturday, 27 September 2014

I am a Sanctuary lover, I seem to just adore each product I try and nevertheless this body wash is a great product.

This body wash contains little beads to exfoliate your skin and it's smells like a perfect combination of sweet and musky. It leaves my skin feeling super soft and smooth.

I feel the Sanctuary body butter really compliments this product, straight after you come out of the bath or shower.

What a your body wash recommendations? 

Skincare Haul!

Saturday, 20 September 2014

I always find there's a point where all my products run out at the same time...Do you?
I can find it quite annoying because I can come to a pretty penny, but it needs to be bought.

| First I picked up some Garnier Simply Essentials face wipes! I never use just face wipes to take off my make up, but I like having them to freshen up my face on no make up days or in the morning. £1.25 (on offer)

| Cotton wool pads! One of my biggest essentials, I always buy them and they come in handy for lots of beauty things. 49p

| Pro Formula Purifying Thermal Face Mask! I've been a bad girl for not using a face mask in over a month :O I needed to pick one up to help my skin as we're transitioning into the dryness of Winter. £1

| St Ives Sensitive Skin Apricot Scrub! This is my 'go to' face scrub, I have acne and it actually helps it, it's not too abrasive but enough to clear your pores of the dead skin.

What is your skincare must-have product?