#theSOproject Week 5 - Blusher

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Hey everyone. 

It's week 5 of #thesoproject and the product I'm discussing is blusher.

I have a favourite cream and powder blush.

Firstly my favourite creme blush is Mac's Cremeblend blush in So Sweet So Easy:

This is my first cream blush and I've been thrilled with it, I got it over a year ago and have used it lots; I still have this amount so it lasts such a long time.
I love this blush because it's so easy to apply just with the warm of your fingertips!
The colour you see is the colour that you get on your face.

With some cream blushes I've applied on the hand in shops I found it's not creamy enough or the colour isn't what you see, but I highley recommend this; I feel the colour fits all weather types as well.

The packaging is so cute and compact, so it's great to travel in you handbag.

Now for my favourite powder blush: Mac's Sheertone blush in Pink Swoon.

Starting off I love using these two blushes together, I apply the cream blush first, then set it with this blush.

I really like this blush also for a powder one, it gives a more natural colour to your face.
It gives you a natural pink glow to your face, also I apply this with a big fluffy brush.

Well I hope you all enjoyed this post.
Peace Out.

#theSOproject Week 4 - Bronzer

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Hey everyone.

It's week three of #theSOproject which means it's time to talk about my favorite bronzer.

For starters my favorite bronzer is by Estee Lauder, it's called Bronze Goddess.

As I've got quite a pale skin complection, so I don't overly use bronzer. I mainly use it for contouring, but I use it more if I'm wearing fake tan.

This product is very compact and I love the packaging it's simple and easy to travel around with, it's a gorgeous light brown package which matches the actual bronzer itself.

What I love about this bronzer is that it doesn't make you look cakey at all, if you put a little too much on it's so easy to blend out to the look you're after. It's especially a good bronzer for contouring, a little of this product goes a long way, so I advice to build up the product to the look you want. It has a slight shimmer to the product, but I feel it doesn't affect the look or product at all.

Here is the contour look I like to go for:

I don't have great cheekbones as I have quite a round baby-face, but I feel like this bronzer enhances my very minor ones.

What makes this product even greater is...IT ALSO COMES WITH A BRUSH. 

Most of the time when you get a free make up applicator it's not as great as one you'd buy separately, but I was really surprised at how well this works and I honestly didn't need to buy anything to replace it.

I hope you enjoyed this post. :)

Peace Out.

#theSOproject Week 3 - Foundation

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Hey everyone.

It's week three of #theSOproject and i'm loving it so far, this weeks topic is foundation.

I have a bit of redness on my skin and acne under my skin, (teenage skin :/ )

I'm going to be telling you my favorite high end and drugstore foundation also what I use to apply it, I recommend these products to people with all skins types.

My favorite high end foundation is Mac's Studio Fix:

I am in LOVE with this product, it's a very high coverage if you have redness, spots or any imperfections this WILL cover it. It has SPF 15 in it; which is a bonus, also I find this gives a flawless finish. The consistency of this foundation is perfect not too oily and not too creamy.

My favorite drugstore foundation is the Collection 2000 (Now just called Collection) Colour Match Foundation:

 There are a lot of drugstore foundations out there and I've tried many, but this one has to be my favorite one so far. I big reason is because this foundation keeps it's word when it says, 'Adapts to your skin colour'..This product really does that. It is between a medium to high coverage, with SPF 20.
This product is quite creamy so I wouldn't recommend it if you don't like that, but overall it's a great foundation.

I apply these foundations with two different tools, either my Real Techniques Buffing Brush or a cosmetics sponge.

I HIGHLY recommend the buffing brush, my goodness is amazing. You can use this brush with any foundation and it leaves your skin looking flawless.

A cosmetic sponge is such a handy tool to have and it really sets the foundation in place.

I hope you all enjoyed this post.

Peace Out.

Style Crush: Ariana Grande

Saturday, 7 September 2013
Hey everyone.

Today's post is going to to all about one of my favorite style icons; Ariana Grande.

Ariana has a very girly girl style, she seems to love skirts, high heels, crop tops and all things pink and girly.
One of the reason I love her style is because she keeps it very classy!

Here is one of my favorite outfits she's worn:

A blue denim circle skirt paired with a cropped hot pink tank top, black leggins and pearl bracelets.

I love this outfit, it's cute, classy and something I would wear.

Ariana is a massive lover of dresses, so far this year my favorite dress she has worn in this one, it sweet and elegant:

Her style is so easy to re-create yourself and it's not to expensive to re-create it as well.

I hope you all enjoyed this post.

Peace Out.

#theSOproject Week 2- Concealer

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Hey everyone.

It's week two of #theSOproject, which is dedicated to concealer.

I have three concealers to tell you about: the first one is Mac's Select Sheer cover concealer!

I find this concealer works very well on areas around your face which might be blemishes, redness or discolouration. It's a creamy consistency and covers problem areas amazingly, but I don't advice this product for dark under eye circles. The product I use for my dark under eye circles is:

Ysl: Touche Eclat Radiant Touch! I cannot recommend this product enough, it's the most brilliant product for dark under eye circles. It's great to brighten your eyes and it banishes dark eyes! It's a creamy texture, it also lays nicely once you've blended it in.

If you're on a cheaper budget I recommend Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection concealer 

Sorry it's not my own photo, the writing rubbed off of the tube. Everyone I've heard that has purchased this product has loved it. I find this product great for all over your face, dark under eyes and everywhere else, it lasts for hours through the day. It lays nicely on your face and is overall a brilliant product. I think it's a suitable product for everyone.

I hope you all enjoyed week two of #theSOproject.

Peace Out.