Review: Garnier Summer Body

Wednesday, 17 July 2013
Hey everyone!

Today's post is a review and it's a review on the Garnier Summer Body, I hope you enjoy and find this helpful.

I've tried lots of fake tan products and I never seem to be satisfied by them, they go streaky, wash off in the bath and made me look orange.

I'm so thrilled that I've finally found a good fake tan, which is the Garnier Summer Body, this product is amazing..It's the best fake tan I've tried.

This product is a body moisturiser which is mixed with fake tan, it's a great combination; because 
the fake tan is mixed with the moisturiser it makes the application less streaky and the apperence less 
orange, it also lays very nicely on the skin.

You can get this product in two different shades, a lighter one for a more gradual tan and a darker one 
for more a an instant 12 hour effect.

I highly recommend this product.

Peace Out.