Thursday, 18 April 2013


The sun has had his hat on recently which only means one thing, Spring is on it’s way, yay! This leads to today’s post which is about my favourite BB cream, Maybelline New York, Dream Fresh, BB Cream. 
When the hotter weather comes you don’t want to keep putting foundation on when after an hour it melts off, so my go to product is BB cream. This dream fresh one by Maybelline is fantastic, it has a medium coverage, stays on for a reasonable amount of time and it makes your skin glow in the sun-light. It’s a nice creamy consistency and it feels like it’s moisturizing your skin..To top off this product off this BB cream has SPF 30! You can buy this product at any good drugstores. 


Today’s beauty favourite is St Ives (Sensitive Skin) Apricot Scrub! This product is my all time favourite face exfoliator, I’ve tried many and this one does absolute wonders for my skin. It’s a gentle scrub, but it does a great job at getting rid of any dead skin cells, refreshing your skin and giving it a good clean. 
One of the ingredients in this exfoliator is sand, which in my opinion the key to this wonderful product, it gives an incredible scrub but doesn’t irritate your skin or cause redness afterwards.
They’re all sorts of different types from St Ives you can buy to suit your type of skin. 
I’d recommend this product very highly!

Homemade Lip Scrub!

Some lip scrubs can cost quite a bit of money, so I have a very quick and easy recipe that you can do with 2 ingredients you have in your kitchen cupboards! Honey and Brown sugar!! 
Step 1- Take a small bowl, add 1-2 teaspoons of brown sugar.  
Step 2- Then add 1 teaspoon of honey.
Step 3- Mix all together and place a light coating on your lips for 5 minutes (Also rub them a but to scrub of any dead skin)
Step 4- Rinse the mixture off your lips after the 5 minutes are up and they should feel a lot smoother.
Step 5- Apply on a lip balm, moisturiser or even some vaseline.

Thursday, 11 April 2013

Hey everyone! 
Today I’m going to be telling you about one of my favourite body products, which is *drum rolls*…LUSH’S MASSAGE BAR! I cannot tell everyone how much this product is a life-saver. I always found with body lotion’s it takes centuries to dry and it puts you off using it, because you have to wait for it to dry before you put your clothes on. But have no fear Lush’s massage bars can hep you with this problem.
This product is incredible! You massage it onto your skin and lightly rub it in, once you’ve massaged this product everywhere you want to, you can out you clothes on straight away. It’s fabulous! 
I highly recommend you got out and buy this wonderful product! Price: £5.75
Thanks for reading everyone. Peace out!