Lush Christmas Haul 2017

Friday, 3 November 2017

Happy November!!! 
Well, the most magical time of year is nearly upon us, which can only mean one thing... A big shopping spree in Lush was due. The clocks have gone back, the mornings and evenings are much darker and chilly, what more could you want than a cosy, festive scented, warm Lush bath?
A couple of years ago I bought a big vase and decided to fill it with pretty Lush bath bombs and bubble bars, this makes my room smell like a Lush store! 

Christmas time at Lush has to be my favourite, so I wanted to get some old favourites and some new ones to try...I am so disappointed they didn't bring back the Father Christmas bath bomb this year, he was a beautiful pink Father Christmas and I've had him in my stocking for as long as I can remember.

So to start off with is this beautiful Magic Wand, a pink, sparkly, Snow Fairy scented, reusable bubble bar...Isn't this the prettiest thing you've ever seen?! I've heard so many good things about this product and it's such a girly product. - £5.95

This is a new product the Snow Fairy Jelly Bomb, if it is Snow Fairy scented, I more than likely want it! This will be a total surprise to me when I try this, I love that Lush has turned my favourite scent into a bath bomb, super excited for this product! - £4.95

Here is a total classic and favourite of mine Candy Mountain, I can remember since the first time I was interested in Lush, that Christmas the Candy Mountain obsession started, of course, it's Snow Fairy scented, surprise surprise! This would make a brilliant stocking filler! - £3.25

This little guy is the cutest!! The Snowman bubbleroon! I remember a couple of years ago Lush had a Melting Snowman bubble bar and I feel like it's the same little guy all back together and frozen again, well, that's my Disney brain kicking in...I just couldn't resist getting him! £4.25

This is another pretty, glittery product, I just can't leave Lush without buying all the girly, sparkly products and Snow Angel caught my eye, I didn't get the chance to try this last year, but from what I've seen, she's a bath melt and will benefit your skin. Pretty, glittery and good for your skin? Yes please! - £4.50

Another one of my favourites, Golden Wonder bath bomb! A beautiful golden present, with a white bow, covered in glitter, with a bath explosion surprise inside! This would be perfect for an extra special Christmas eve bath. - £4.50

Star Light, Star Bright, this has to be the most glittery product by Lush ever! I couldn't believe how much glitter went everywhere and I only took it from the bag to my jar! I am so excited to see how this turns out in the bath! Another product to help nourish your skin. - £4.25

Another cute one, Butter bear, just like Butterball, but cuter! This doesn't do anything fantastic, pretty or crazy, but it's the most amazing product to nourish, sooth and moisturise your skin. This is another brilliant little stocking filler! - £2.50

                                        I hope this has got you in the festive spirit!

                                                       Happy Lush Shopping!!


What I Got For My 22nd Birthday!

Sunday, 15 October 2017
Well, long time no speak...It's been nearly a year since my last blog post and yes, it's been a bit of a crazy year.

I've felt so uninspired about my blog, I read so many amazing ones and I felt like I couldn't better my blog, so I stepped back, thought about what I wanted my blog to be like, set my mind to it and re-designed my blog.

More of a pink and girly design and I am so happy with it!

Now, for my first post back...My 22nd birthday haul!!!

I got these gorgeous ankle boots from Primark, they're black suede, with a gold buckle. I've seen lots of people purchasing these and I can understand why, they're so stylish, buckles are super on trend, Primark never disappoint!

I was so excited when my boyfriend said he wanted to get me some Ugg boots for my birthday, he knows I've always loved bows, so he specifically said it had to be a pair with bows.
I've had my eye on these Bailey Bow Ugg's in Chestnut, I love the colour, it's so autumnal and versatile. I love baby pinks, creams and beige's, so these will go with so many of my outfits.

For the past year or so I have been hunting for the perfect faux fur, baby pink jacket, whilst I was shopping with my Mum, we walked into Topshop I saw it, my dream baby pink, faux fur jacket and completely fell in love, it's perfect, perfect shade and exactly what I was looking for, so we couldn't leave it there, we had to get it!

I felt like I needed smart formal coat, but I still like to be girly! This coat from Oasis just gave me Gossip Girl vibes, I could easily picture Blair or Serena walking around Upper East Side wearing this. The faux fur piece around the collar just perfects this coat for me.

As I was walking around Primark I randomly found these adorable earmuffs, just on a rack all alone. I couldn't believe my eyes, I feel like these earmuffs are made for me! Baby pink, fluffy and the band has plastic pearl beards...Literally earmuff goals!! Primark, you done it again.

This was such a special present, yes, I know, people seem to have a lot of opinions about a Burberry bear, my opinion, he's adorable. 
Last year for my 21st birthday I got a burberry scarf and I thought this little guy would be the perfect matching accessory, he's now linked to my car keys and comes on all my driving adventures.

It's that time of year where all the beautiful fragrance gift sets come out for Christmas, I find a perfume with a pretty bottle makes me love the product even more. This Elizabeth Taylor White Diamonds set is lovely, the scent is fresh and lasts all day. The set contains 100ml bottle of the perfume, a mini 15ml handbag size (which is always needed), 50ml body lotion and 50ml body wash. I love these sorts of sets.

As an extra present my boyfriend surprised me and got me a Chanel lip balm, with the cold weather slipping in, I've noticed my lips have been struggle with getting a bit dry and sore. Putting on a Chanel lip balm couldn't get more glamorous right?!

I am obsessed with vintage deers and I got this beautiful Christmas vintage deer light box, this is a beautiful decoration and I am so excited for the dark winter evenings, to have this glowing next to a candle, all cosy.

I had such a lovely day, I am so lucky to have an amazing family, boyfriend and friends, I am so thankful for them!

I hope you enjoyed this post and get some Christmas present inspiration.



What I Got For Christmas 2016!

Monday, 26 December 2016

Merry Christmas!

There always seems to be such a huge build up to Christmas, the it goes so quickly, it's always a lovely and magical time! I have been watching lots of people's "What I Got For Christmas'" and was eager to join the bandwagon with mine, which seemed to be a very Disney themed Christmas!

My parents got me a pair of baby pink, bow slipper boots with a baby pink dressing gown, a Father Christmas Lush bath bomb, lots of bath and skin care bits, perfume, a The Snowman and The Snowdog milkshake set, old classic dvd's, the beautiful Marie plush, a Disney princess 2017 calendar and this gorgeous cream jumper with silver beading detail around the collar.

My boyfriends parents got me some more Disney themed presents, they got me the Disney dvd's, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Robin Hood and The Little Mermaid and also the lovely Disney Traditions, Santa Mickey figure, to add to my collection!

My amazing boyfriend got me a Victoria's Secret robe!!! Ekkk!!! 
I love it so much, pink and white striped and it's perfect.
The stocking he done for me had the beige furry earmuffs, a Belle, Mrs Potts and Chip Tsum Tsum, Lush's Snow Fairy shower gel and Candy Mountain bubble bar!

I also was kindly given some money, so have a shopping spree in the new year! 

I'd love to know what you got for Christmas!


21st Birthday Haul!

Sunday, 16 October 2016

I have just turned 21!!! 
How time flies...I've done a birthday haul for a few years in a row now, but this one is extra special as it's my 21st!

This isn't all of what I got, I was very lucky to have received so many wonderful gifts and lots of money for a trip to London, so I've picked the more beauty/fashion gifts for this post.

Starting off with what my boyfriend got me, all the things he got me were perfect, he spoilt me rotten and I didn't expect all the surprises!
He got me a 21st tiara and 21 today sash, he always calls me his princess, so it was only fitting to get a tiara ;)
(My Mum got me the badge!)
My main present from him was this absolutely beautiful Michael Kors - Jet Set Travel Saffiano Leather Tote Bag, in a baby pink colour and I'm absolutely obsessed, it was the best surprise!
I collect Disney Traditions and I already had Olaf, so he got me Anna and Elsa! He always says I'm like Anna, so got the Anna from the Haute collection, they're both beautiful!
I am a HUGE Chanel lover, so he got me two nail polishes, a pink one and a red one.
Then to top off the day, I had a special delivery with a gorgeous special made card and a beautiful bouquet of red roses, what a treat!!!

Now to what my Mum and Dad got me...
I have an obsession with Michael Kors jewellery, I have a watch and a bracelet more of the chunkier side, but this is so pretty with all the delicate diamantes.
They got me lots of clothes, I'm loving beige, cream and baby pinks for clothing.
These amazing beige boots with sparkly heels are from Primark and I am in total love, they're amazing and totally my style.
Giorgio Armani perfume set, which I love a set with different mini scents, so it can test them to see what I prefer and like!
Chanel no5, the classic scent, I love in soap form also, very luxurious!
As I'm sure you can tell so far, I love glitter and sparkles, so Sparkly Pumpkin from Lush was a must-have.

My Nan gave a Essie nail polish, with a small free one and money to buy myself some lovely treats from in London!

Last but not least, my boyfriends parents got me some lovely Lush bath bombs!
Frozen, Sex Bomb, Dragon's Egg and Ickle Baby Bot.

Instead of a party my Mum has given my boyfriend and I money to have afternoon tea at The Savoy in London, very soon! So we are very excited for that :D 

I had a perfect 21st, thank you to everyone who made it so special <3

My Favourite Lush Products

Saturday, 20 August 2016

I have the biggest addition to Lush, I have always loved Lush, but ever since Christmas I can't stop buying all the different Lush products.
With their heavenly scented bubbly and creamy goodies!
I have accumulated a 'Lush Jar', where I keep all my bath bombs and bubble bars, I do prefer a pink and white theme in the jar, I will admit.

I thought a Lush favourites post would be good for anyone wanting to get something from Lush and not knowing where to start, or someone wanting to try something new!

My first favourite is 'Rub Rub Rub', a scrub that leaves your skin feeling luxurious. This scrub feels lightweight, but I can honestly say, it really scrubs your skin without it feeling too abrasive. The scent smells like Spring, flowers and jasmine.

D'Fluff has changed shaving completely for me, I always used to struggled with shaving rashes and not getting a smooth finish after shaving. This beautiful pink cream makes shaving certainly smell a lot better with the strawberry scent, and leaves my legs smooth like a baby!

I really feel like this product was made for me... 'Pink Peppermint' *inserts heart eyed emoji*...Oh my goodness, baby pink peppermint goodness for your feet!
This product has transformed my feet, they're silking soft and glowing.

I have tried quite a few of Lush's toners, but Tea Tree is perfect for my skin especially, prone to break outs and acne, this toner helps kill the bacteria on your skin and helps your skin to it's full clearness.

Bath bomb Twilight is gorgeous, perfect for Winter evenings. The soothing scent of lavender, swirled with a Winter nights sky coloured bath water, helps you ready for a good nights sleep, whilst leaving your skin feeling moisturised.

A classic, 'The Comforter'. The pink and white swirled bubble bar is not only perfect for my 'Lush Jar', but it's such a big slab it lasts for weeks, the blackcurrant scented goodie creates the loveliest pink and white bubble and softens the skin.

Tisty Tosty, this product isn't one that makes your bath crazy, but your water is like soft white clouds, with rose buds swirling into them. All the Lush rose products are a favourite scent as I love roses. This product is must-try!

Let me know what your favourite Lush products are in the comments :)